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Nature's Helper - Daily Conditioner Pellets (Multi-Species)

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Antibiotic Free Formula

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  • Effectively increases growth and performance.
  • Supports digestibility and feed efficiency for overall health.
  • Effectively increases activity and athletic performance.
  • Potentially improves milk production.
  • Includes added herbal wellness for daily well-being.

Keep your farm friend full, fuelled, and ready-to-go for the day with Nature's Helper Daily Conditioner Pellets Goat Feed. This herbal addition to a daily diet is formulated with pumpkin seed, wormwood, garlic, and oregano to create a healthier, happier animal from the inside-out. Crafted without any unnecessary elements, you can look forward to better digestion, growth, athleticism, potential increased milk production, and a plethora of additional benefits. Goats can feel both well-fed and more productive during daily activities with this irresistible energy source.


Suitable For:

  • Goats
  • Cattle
  • Swine
  • Sheep
  • Equine
  • Poultry
  • Alpacas & Llamas
  • Elk
  • Ostrich & Emu

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Crude Protein 12.0% min
  • Crude Fat 2.5% min
  • Crude Fiber 10.0% max



Wheat Culture, (Saccharomyces Cerevisiae), Pumpkin Seed, Wormwood, Clove, Oregano, Garlic, Montmorillonite Clary, Diatomaceous Earth .50% (Anticaking Agent), Flavors.

Recommended Feeding Rate / Day:

  • Dairy: Pre-Weaning Calves - .5 oz (14g)/hd; Post Weaning Calves 1 oz (28g)/hd; Calf Grain Starter 40lb/ton (20 kg/tonne); Lactating and Non-Lactating Cows-2 oz (56g)/hd.
  • Beef: Creep Fed Calves -25lb/ton (12.5 kg/tonne). Starting /Receiving Cattle-2oz (56g)/hd; Stocker Cattle, Growers/Finisher Cattle and Breeding Animals 1oz (28g)/hd; Show Feeds-2 oz (56g)/hd.
  • Swine: Nursery Pigs Starter 16lb/ton (8kg/tonne); Transition 8lb/ton (4kg/tonne); Grower/Finisher Pigs 8lb/ton (4kg/tonne); Gestating and Lactating Sows 16lb/ton (8kg/tonne).
  • Equine: Fowls .5 oz (14g)/hd; Mares, Stallion, Show, Performance Horses and Senior Horses 2oz (56g)/hd; Draft Horses 4oz (112 g)/hd.
  • Sheep & Goats: Lambs/Kids - .25 oz(7g)/hd; Mature Animals and Show Feeds .5 oz (14g)/hd.
  • Deer (Elk = 2X Deer): Starter and Adult -.5oz (14g)/hd; Antler Growth/Rut 1 oz (28g)/hd.
  • Ostrich, Emu, Poultry: Breeder /Grower 1oz (28g)/hd; Maintenance Birds - .5 oz (14g)/hd; Poultry 1lb per 50lbs of feed.
  • Llamas & Alpacas: All animals 1oz (28g)/hd.
  • Rabbits & Mink: All Animals 1lb per 50lbs of feed.
  • Dogs-All Life Stages: teaspoon per 20 lbs. of body weight.
  • Cats-All Life Stages: teaspoon daily

Transition Instructions

For maximum effect, doubling the recommended rates below is suggested for the first 30-60 days.

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