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Bug Check Equine - Fly, Bug and Insect Control for Horses

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Why choose Bug Check for Horses?

Give your horse the ultimate shield against annoyances that buzz and bite with Bug Check for Horses - Natural Fly, Bug and Insect Control for Horses horses. The award-winning Bug Check formula provides effective natural bug & insect control for horses without any harsh drugs or chemicals. Brought to life by veterinary expert Dr. Dan Moore as a result of his many years of research. Bug Check has satisfied many customers, being both impressively effective and naturally gentle!

Benefits of Bug Check:

  • This supplement helps control insects and other pests.
  • Award-winning formula (Equinata 2001)🤩
  • Formulated to work 24/7 from the inside out!
  • Alltech's LACTO-SACC probiotics help maintain a healthy gut.
  • Great for healthy skin and a shiny coat
  • Contains Garlic, yeast & grape seed extract — perfect to help dissuade flies

🌱 Unleash the Power of Bug Check's Natural Ingredients 🌱

Bug Check Equine is formulated with Alltech's LACTO-SACC probiotics, digestive enzymes, diatomaceous earth, thiamine (Vitamin B1) and a blend of natural minerals and herbs. Therefore allowing you to utilise the raw power of mother nature to improve your horse's defense against pesky bugs, insects and other biting critters. 

Our unique blend of garlic and grape seed extract produces an irresistible taste that horses love!! As a result, your horses will be more than happy to eat up everything last bit you give them. Most importantly, great flavor means for more effective insect control for your horse as they LOVE to eat it! No fuss, no muss—only eager whinnies and nuzzles when mealtime brings Bug Check. 😋


💊🚫 Bug Check contains NO Harmful Drugs OR Chemicals 💊🚫

Protect your horse and the planet from nasty drugs and chemicals. Say goodbye to nasty preservatives and artificial flavors that can damage your horse's health in the long run. 

Our natural formulas make sure your horse is happy and healthy, while providing effective insect control. Moreover, Bug Check's non-toxic formula is a health-conscious choice for every horse owner who understands that true care comes from the purest sources — the one's that mother nature provides.


💪 24/7 Dual-Action Insect Control 💪

Bug check works around the clock to deter pesky insects and critters. Not only does Bug Check provide effective natural insect control for your horse, it also promotes robust skin and a shiny coat, contributing to a healthy, vibrant look for your equine buddy. As a result, you can maximize your horse's comfort and eliminate any chance for bugs and insects—the perfect combination! 

🌎 Do Your Part for the Environment 🌎

By selecting natural supplements such as Bug Check, you are not only advocating for the use of natural ingredients but also aiding the horse care industry in shifting away from harsh drugs and chemicals. This is crucial because creating these artificial formulas can be detrimental for the environment.

Commit to a product that respects the earth as much as it does your horse.

Here at The Natural Vet, it's our mission to create great products that share the benefits of using natural ingredients. Additionally, We believe in encouraging Horse owners to do what's best for their horse's health.💚


👨‍🔬 Best of All... Bug Check Equine is Backed by Science! 👨‍🔬

Check out the science behind why Bug Check Works!


“My award-winning Bug Check product was introduced 2 decades ago, and I am humbled by the number of horses (and pets) that have benefited since then.”

Suitable For:
  • Equine 
  • Cattle
  • Llamas
  • Alpacas
  • Sheep
  • Goats

 Guaranteed Analysis:

  • Crude Protein 4.0% min
  • Crude Fat 3.5% min
  • Crude Fiber 2.0% max
  • Saccharomyces cerevisiae 3.80 x 1 billion CFU/lb min
  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus 2.10 x 100 million CFU/lb min
  • Enterococcus Faecium 1.5 x 100 million CFU/lb min



Brewer's Dried Yeast, Distiller Grains, Grape Seed Meal, Thiamine (B1), Garlic Powder, Diatomaceous Earth, Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Yeast Culture, Dried Enterococcus Faecium Fermentation Product, Dried Lactobacillus Acidophilus Fermentation Product, Dried Aspergillus Niger Fermentation Extract, Dried Trichoderma Longibrachiatum Fermentation Extract, Dried Bacillus Subtills Fermentation Extract.

Directions for Use

Horses and Cattle (all classes). When starting this product, top dress at the rate of 1 scoop or more daily per 1,000 lbs. of body weight for two to three weeks. Then maintain at an amount of 1/2 scoop or more daily. For difficult situations, up to 4 scoops per 1,000 lbs. body weight may be given daily. Alpacas, Sheep & Goats: Top dress 1/4 scoop or more daily per head. Scoop (provided) equals 1 oz.

Transition Instructions

When first introduced, it is not unusual for animals to consumer higher amounts. Always provide a good source of water. Rain and weather do not diminish effectiveness. Pour excess water off and continue feeding. For best results remove other forms of salt and salt/mineral blocks. One heaping tablespoon equals approximately one ounce.

Each pound lasts one month at the maintenance level

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