DSAR Request

Include in your DSAR request email your full name, the email you use to access our site, which consumer privacy law you are requesting under (CCPA, CTDPA, VCDPA) and what you are requesting from us (Know what information is being collected from me, Have my personal information deleted, Opt out of having my data sold to third parties, Opt out of data processing, Appeal a data request decision).

By submitting a DSAR request to us you acknowledge that all the information in your request is true and accurate.

You also acknowledge that the deletion of your data is irreversible and may affect your engagement with The Natural Vet. 

Finally, you must understand that you may be contacted in order to complete the request.


If you would like to initiate a DSAR request with us please send us an email at info@allnaturalvet.com with the subject "DSAR Request" containing the above information.